Big Drop Romance

When you look at this photo, what’s your first thought?

My first thought would be the symbolism behind what is happening in the photo. The love between two people has to be fearless. You have to trust and take the risk to do things you wouldn’t do with just anyone.

I noticed you’ve taken several photos at this rail road bridge. Besides it being an awesome location in general, does it have any other significance for you?

Whenever I go to this location I am always inspired. I love how it’s in the middle of the woods going into a mountain. I also love the lines and perspective it makes with nature.

How willing was the couple to lay there, did they take any convincing?

The couple was my brother and his fiancé. He was very willing but she did take a lot of convincing to lay there.

It looks like you were right on the edge. Did you have any special equipment or were you just leaning over?

I did not have any special equipment I was just leaning over and stretching my arm over.

Did you have this shot planned out beforehand, or did it just happen?

I did not plan this shot and I find the shots I don’t plan almost always turn out much better than the ones I do. Spontaneity is always something I listen to.

Do you always have a camera with you?

Yes I try to always have my camera with me because you never know when the opportune moment comes and I want to be ready. I think the best shots aren’t planned.

What applications do you use for post processing?

I use Lightroom and Photoshop.

Is there a technique you consistently use in post?

I try to not edit very much in post processing.

What’s your next camera/equipment purchase going to be and why?

I really want the Nikkor 14-24 because its an amazing lens for what I like taking shots of.

About the Photographer

Isaac Gautschi is a photographer working in Washington state. You can read his inspiring story on his website and view his photos at

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