Alkaline Flats

When you look at this photo, what’s your first thought?

When I look at the image, my first thought is the power of this dark barren environment that draws you into the light.

What’s the background story?

I was shooting there with a group of photographers and Marc Adamus showed us this area.

So this was a special photography trip?


I’ve never done a photo tour before. What’s that like? Do you have a place in mind and find a tour to join, or do you find photographers you admire first?

I think it’s both but mostly about the photographer that I admire because you learn so much about composition and what would make the image unique. I have learned a lot from Marc and I don’t think my images would be in a place that they currently are if I had not met him before.

Did you get to this spot right as the sun was going down, or did you all have to wait around for the perfect moment?

I went there near sunset and got really lucky with how the conditions ended up being. The clouds got really dramatic after 20 minutes. Sometimes you just get lucky with how the weather turns out.

How many shots do you think you took before you felt you had it? 

I took a bunch of shots and while I was shooting I also kept looking at the composition to see if it was working or not. I had to act really fast because the conditions change very rapidly. I took as many shots as I could and then filtered through the best shot.

Can you walk me through what you did in post for this photo?

I fixed the exposure and darkened the areas that needed to be dark and highlighted the areas that needed light so the image looks more dynamic and showcases what I was actually experiencing at the scene.

What software do you prefer using for post?

Photoshop only.

Oh really? Do you use anything to manage your photos?

I just use Bridge to go over my shots and just manage my images in Finder. I don’t use Lightroom or anything else. Just keep it simple.

Is there a certain technique you always like to use in post?

It depends on the image but I almost always find myself sharpening for web on all of my images.

What do you usually carry in your camera bag?

  1. Canon EOS 6D
  2. Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L II USM Lens
  3. Canon EF 70-200mm f4
  4. Canon EF 24-105mm Lens
  5. 82mm Heliopan Circular Polarizer
  6. Heliopan 10 stop ND Filter
  7. Rain Sleeve Jacket for my Fstop Bag
  8. Rain Jacket for myself
  9. Rainstorm Jacket for my camera and lens
  10. Handheld Garmin Oregon 650t GPS inside a ziplock bag to keep it dry
  11. Lens clothes inside ziplock bags
  12. Headlamp
  13. Dust Blower
  14. Extra batteries for headlamp and gps
  15. 3 Camera Batteries with Charger
  16. Nitecore Flashlight with a diffuser
  17. Hat
  18. Gloves

What’s your next camera/equipment purchase going to be?

Right now I am pretty satisfied with the gear I currently have but it would not hurt to go wider with a 14mm lens and also have a Mirrorless camera like a Sony A7R because it’s so lightweight and has a lot more megapixels than my current camera (Canon EOS 6D).

How long have you been serious about photography?

I got interested in photography back in 2012 but became more serious about it in 2013. I love nature and being creative. I always feel like traveling and photographing nature so I can re-live the moments I captured through my lens. Landscape photography is more of a hobby for me.

Do you always carry a camera with you, or are your photos more planned and deliberate?

Unfortunately I do not always carry my camera around with me because most of my time is spent in the office and commuting back home. I only take my camera with me whenever I go out on the weekends or vacations.

Are there any photographers you admire?

There are a lot of photographers that I admire including Marc Adamus, Floris van Breugel, Alex Noriega, Peter Coskun, Ted Gore, Aaron Huey and Scott Miller. The list is pretty long but these are a few guys that I can think of right now that I have been really inspired by.

Tell me about yourself

I have always been very passionate about art and design from the beginning and that led me to my career as a visual designer in San Francisco, CA. After working in the creative field for a while, I became more interested in landscape photography mainly because I love traveling to the great outdoors after a long day at work and I also wanted to expand my creative skills. It’s a very amazing and rewarding experience for me to go to certain locations and capture nature when the magic is happening. I have a very artistic approach in my photography and I always try to capture and showcase nature at its utmost beauty though my lens.

You can find Raza Durrani on 500px.

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